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Welcome to the home of healthy and delicious

Rooted and established in Sonora over 10 years ago, Rico Farms has grown along with the Tapia family. We produce ethically grown, sustainable, organic produce. Also being one of the first organic farms in Sonora, we have learned that honor, sustainability and healthy lifestyles are the values that guide us.

The Family

The Tapia family, head of Rico Farms, has grown over the years. All of our growers have become a part of our family. Entire communities, schools, and houses have been built to keep our families healthy and improving constantly to achieve the best organic produce.

We believe in Honor and Responsibility

And we work daily on our beliefs and values. That’s how we have achieved so many certifications. Committed to Sustainable Farming we are not just USDA Organic, but also bioagricert, Primus Labs safety certified, and committed to fair trade.

Fresh Organic Produce like no other

Organic for Life

We are proud to be bring healthy organic produce to families worldwide.

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Winter Squash


Summer Squash