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The farm, Campo San Luis, is ran by Francisco Tapia, Sr., and his son Francisco Tapia.  Francisco, Sr. is an agricultural engineer and his son, is a graduate from the University of Monterrey (I.T.E.S.M.) with a degree in Industrial Process and Systems Engineering. Francisco, Jr., and his father are blessed with a growing environment that many organic producers can long for. The farm is situated on the coast of Sonora, a few miles inland from the Sea of Cortez. The sea moderates the extremes temperatures of the Sonoran Desert. They have over 4,000 acres and over 90% of this land has not been farmed but set aside in its natural state for wildlife to enjoy. The production area is surrounded with wilderness on three sides, eliminating the whitefly and viral plagues that many organic growers and conventional growers are challenged by on the West Coast of Mexico. The water is supplied by two deep wells. The water is low in sodium and the water table is stable due to the extremely large water shed adjacent to the farm.

From great crises come great opportunities. During a great crisis in México, almost all agriculture in Sonora came to a halt. We had too much left to do to stop there. So we reinvented ourselves. We always kept our word, and always honored our debts. And we grew, slowly but surely. Going back to basics, we studied and developed natural fertilizers. The change was so evident that others referred to us as the “organic farmers”. In 2007 we became USDA Organic certified, and quickly improving our growing practices, we have come a long way. Our family has grown, and we have found new allies. The lacewing, which forms a part of our logo, was brought to Campo San Luis to help protect our produce from pests; they have now formed a sustainable ecosystem within Rico Farms. Our growers and their families are so important to us that we have built entire communities, schools, houses, for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. And also our friends at Bridges Produce, who are our partners in bringing organic, healthy and delicious to the world, are now part of the family.