About Our Farm

Rico Farms has a very privileged and strategic location which helps to our customers supply chain.


Our Farm

We own and operate 4 farms; Carbo with 2 pecan farms with a total of 125 production hectares, Hermosillo & Guaymas with 1 farm each one. Hermosillo covers 2 seasons a year, Spring and Fall, with a total of 800 hectares. Guaymas covers our winter season with 210 hectares. Our Hermosillo farm can be expanded to another 400 hectares in the future. All farms are located in the State of Sonora, Mexico very close to the State of Arizona in the US.

Our farm has 1,400 hectares, of which 800 hectares are cultivated annually and with the potential to expand up to 400 additional hectares for new projects.

The source of water is from deep wells, which ensures clean water and free of any contamination with the environment. This is a competitive advantage against any farm with seasonal irrigation or with canal water.
Our farm is located adjacent to pollution-free areas of other agricultural or livestock fields. We are the last field north of the Hermosillo Coast. This allows us to establish crop management plans in a more sustainable manner, thus reducing the need for preventive applications and the use of organic insecticides. In a sustainable agriculture, the less agrochemical applications have a crop, the more sustainable it will be, since, in our Farms Rico Farms we have microorganisms and beneficial insects that help us to control pests and diseases in a sustainable way.
This is what we call truly sustainable farm, not just organic. We are able to produce organically more than 100 products such as : fermentations, repellents, insecticides, bio-fertilizers, microrganisms, beneficial fungus and bacteriums.
Currently, there are 15 hectares of shade house that allow producing products that demand a better control of the environment, such as humidity and temperature. We are in the expansion stage with 20 additional hectares of shade house.

Our First-Class high end facilities make a great working environment.



We value a quality environment. Therefore, our farm has first-class facilities:

Large Bedrooms of 25m2 to accommodate 8 people per room. All our rooms are equipped with refrigeration appliances that allow to maintain a cool temperature in the hot season.
Our facilities have 4 packing lines, which allow to pack daily from 1,000,000 lbs in a single shift to 2,000,000 lbs in 2 shifts. We have pre-cooling system technology with water to achieve a longer shelf life of our products, in addition to a sanitization process prior to packaging, which allows us to comply with the highest safety standards for our products.
The cold room area is equipped with an extensive palletizing area that allows us to create the special orders of our customers and thus be able to satisfy market demands efficiently. We also have a maintenance area that allows you to save full loads and then be shipped to your final destination.
We have 2 pre-cooling chambers that allows, like our water cooling system, to give each product the necessary temperature and thus achieve sufficient capacity to have a high volume of packaging on a daily basis.
Our packaging has its own laboratory that allows random testing of all our products, before boarding and thus ensuring that there is no possibility of contamination in our finished product.
We have the production of our own seedlings, which allows us to control from the germination of the seed all the nutrition and care that it requires to avoid any plague or disease caused by the operations of others. Most farms require maquila services to manufacture their seedlings, and this can often attract diseases from other areas to the farm. Nowadays, we can supply all our seedling production in the same field, which guarantees a better control of the crop from birth to harvest.
Given the importance of being consistent with our work philosophy, we also constantly invest in modernizing and implementing new projects that provide well-being to our people who live on our farm. We have facilities of:
- Fast-Soccer synthetic grass field
- Soccer court
- Basket ball and volley ball court
- Board games area with foosball
- Gym area with exercisers
- Entertainment area for movie projection
- Outdoor theater for our plays
We have our own medical care facility and a general physician who attends any person with any need of medical attention. We have a nurse who lives in the countryside, and who is attentive 24 hours for any emergency. We have days of the health of diverse subjects, like: nutrition, application of vaccines, dentists and oculists. The people who support us are volunteer professionals.
We research & develop our own fertilizers and insecticides.
We have a high precision accuracy irrigation system, which facilitates irrigation operations, and maximizes our most important resource in a desert area such as ours, which is water.